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Find youth athletics tryouts, camps, clinics and all other sporting events locally or throughout the nation.

All organizations are welcome: AAU Teams, High Schools, Cal Ripken, Little League, and many others.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial aid to teams and athletes across the nation. NO MORE NO PAY NO PLAY.

A portion of every dollar earned from our tryout, camp and clinic postings will be donated to  needy athletes and organizations.

To qualify, all a team has to do is list their team’s tryout, camp or clinic on our site, free listings count too.


Our Founder

Site creator and former Cincinnati Reds pitcher John Roper started this site back in 2010. John was a young athlete that received help from community when family couldn’t afford it to support his athletics.  John and his Sports Tryouts team hope to  pass alone the same benefit to other kids. We will do our part to help alleviate this and keep our young athletes in a positive direction.  See our scholarship link for full details.