Helping Athletes and Sports Programs

January 20, 2021 Uncategorized

From day 1’s main vision has been to help athletes and families with financial responsibilities associated with playing sports. Fees that come with sports  are not affordable for all families and aren’t getting any less expensive. Because of  covid-19, the costs of programs, tournaments, and other youth sports services are going to increase because of extra precautions to make sure the athletes are protected. One of’s proudest moments was being able to help 3 athletes attend a volleyball camp in Raeford, NC.  Hearing about the excitement those athletes  showed was just as heart warming as it would’ve been if we could’ve been there.

When coaches and other sports programs use our paid listings options they help us to continue provide future funding for athletes, and other sports programs that may need help. The team will stick to our main goal providing funding for athletes and sports programs in need.