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Raeford Gymnastics

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Our philosophy is und​​​​​​​erstanding that children only stick with something they love, in an environment that they feel loved. We have a wide range of expertise able to cater to any mentality, from those who have dreams of elite performance to those who think gymnastics is a fun form of exercise, but their big dreams lie elsewhere. We recognize all the roles that gymnastics can fill in any child’s life and are capable of tailoring the experience to what each individual will thrive from being exposed to. Any athlete of any age will perform more passionately in an environment where they feel they belong. That is why our non-competitive classes are still known as teams, named after some of our nation’s coolest college mascots. At RGA we have the experience to understand what is going through the mind of the athletes at any given time, because we’ve all been there. We can think through how to address it best, based on that particular athlete’s personality. Medals and trophies on the wall are awesome. Smiles on the faces are better.

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