Playing on a Bad Team

December 4, 2020 Uncategorized

As a travel baseball coach and pitching instructor for many years, I’ve always heard this, “my kid needs to play on a better team and the reason why he/she is doing bad is because the team is bad.”  While most parents think this is the case, I’m here to tell you that’s absolutely not true.  Some kids have  been told  they play to the level of their competition. I know for a fact this has been said. I’ve heard this while meeting with parents looking to change programs. If this is the rhetoric parents, and some coaches, are bolstering to young athletes, then please stop.  You are doing them a disservice, thus leading them to think  they’re bad play is acceptable because everyone else is atrocious.

Here’s the deal, scouts look for good players not good teams. When its time for the job to be done its on you and no one else. The puck is in your hands only, the baseball is hit to you only, the basketball is shot passed or dribbled by you only, the football is thrown or caught by  you only. The point is, when the spotlight is on you, its on you only. I’ve been on many bad teams and still was able to do my job throwing strikes, striking out 10 or more in many of those cases. Even on the good teams I fit right in with the same results.

Keep in mind you could also join a good team and not contribute at all, thus standing out in a negative way. Parents break out the check and get the kids on a better team and the numbers stay the same. Now what? What ever caliber your team is the individual needs to do their job.

Here’s one important fact: There’s a difference between exposure and getting exposed. Parents/Players don’t worry about what the other players are doing, just do your job.