What Happened To Competing

August 26, 2020 Uncategorized

The abbreviated, heavy ruled, different style of  travel baseball is underway and almost over. Limited tournaments and limited games due to Covid has caused a big change  all across the sports world.  Minor league players didn’t get a chance to continue the pursuance of  a childhood dream. Needless to say many player’s dreams across the sports worlds got sidelined due to Covid-19.  Players from every sport are still trying to adjust to no fans and all the new “Covid Rules”.

I’m sure all, not most, but all youth athletes, this season had dreams and hopes of playing at the pinnacle of their sport, winning championships, playing in front of scouts(college/pro), putting up good numbers, get drafted or simply get picked to play on a premier travel team.

Don’t mean to be harsh  but COMPETING has all but been hit out of the park, I feel like players are going through the motions because it seems so easy to get on travel teams now, the intelligent youth athlete knows that.

Let me explain: Parents/Players look for a better program or team, they then tryout, they show good at the tryout meaning they possess enough skills to join the “better” team or program. A meeting happens and if everyone is on the same page the big check is written. Ok yes I think mom/dad should write the check I really do, but only if the “better” program is “better” and just not feeding you bull.

This is where the non- competing to earn a spot comes in. No matter what the kids numbers were last year he/she gets to go to a better team or program, hence making them take ” I don’t have to have good numbers to be on better team, no good numbers to move up a level, no good numbers to start.” My dad/mom will write a check and I’m in.  Competing gets punted right through the up-wrong. To sum this up. Parents yes write the check but explain to your athlete that  next season  your numbers will determine if  the check gets written or not, get them back to COMPETING. In higher level sports and in life you cant just write a check to move up. You got to earn it.